3 Things To Know Before Getting Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion, a skin exfoliating treatment performed at medical spas and meant to remove dead skin cells, revealing smoother skin underneath, has many benefits, namely reducing the visibility of scars and making the skin appear younger and healthier. While this treatment is a viable option for many people seeking healthier, more attractive skin, there are some things that you should keep in mind before taking the plunge and receiving microdermabrasion treatment yourself. Three important things to consider are listed below:

1. Don't Overdo It Before Your Appointment

It is possible to have too much of a good thing; especially exfoliation. Three to five days before your microdermabrasion appointment, stop using any kind of exfoliant on your skin, including scrubs, retinols, enzymes, and acids. The microdermabrasion treatment is much stronger than these at-home exfoliants, and if you have already removed most of the dead skin cells from your face, there is not much that can be done at the spa. In fact, the microdermabrasion might actually harm your skin if you have over-exfoliated, attacking healthy skin cells.

2.  Talk to Your Doctor if You Have Any Skin Conditions

Certain skin conditions do not respond well to microdermabrasion and may even be made worse by it. If you experience rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, severe acne, psoriasis, lupus, or any other skin condition, consult your doctor before trying out microdermabrasion. The procedure makes skin extra sensitive to sunlight and harsh weather, as a layer is being removed, and those with skin conditions will be affected even more. 

3. You Should Plan on Making Several Appointments

To be as effective as possible, microdermabrasion has to be repeated several times, as the skin regenerates itself, creating more dead skin cells over time. Basically, microdermabrasion is not a one-time fix. However, the more treatments you receive, the more spread out they can be. Initially, you will have to receive treatment once a week; after the third week, your treatments can decrease to once a month. While most people notice results almost immediately, six to twelve treatments are recommended in order to see significant improvement. 

Microdermabrasion is an effective treatment options for those with fine lines and acne scars, and it is much more affordable than other spa procedures, but it is not for everyone. To reap the full benefits of the procedure, it is important to know what you are getting into; if you don't have any serious skin conditions, are comfortable reducing at-home exfoliating, and are comfortable scheduling and paying for multiple appointments, then microdermabrasion might be just what your skin is looking for.

For more information, contact Babich Skin Care Center or a similar location.

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