Do You Have Dry, Damaged Hair? Check Out The Benefits Of Wood Conditioners

With so many hair care products available today, it can be hard to make the healthiest choices for your hair, especially if your hair has a tendency to be dry and brittle. One way to narrow your choices is by selecting only all-natural ingredients for your hair care. Learn more about the benefits of using wood hair conditioners instead of popular hair conditioners that contain nothing more than a mixture of chemicals and fragrance.

Cedarwood Has A Lot To Offer

Cedarwood, an essential oil in many natural hair conditioners, has been used since Biblical times because of its many benefits. Cedarwood has been found to be effective at hair follicle stimulation, a benefit that helps to get your hair's natural oils flowing properly. For this reason, cedarwood oils have been popular choices for promoting hair growth for people experiencing hair loss. Cedarwood also promotes healthy blood circulation in the scalp, lowering the risk of dry, flaky scalp, a huge contributing factor to dry, brittle hair. Some natural wood conditioners can be found that use a mix of coconut and cedarwood oils for providing maximum conditioning benefits.

Balsam Fir Provides Healthy Scalp Stimulation

Natural hair products that contain balsam fir essential oil can help your hair become thicker and more vibrant because of balsam fir's scalp stimulation properties. If you dye your hair or you have been using hair care products that contain chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate, the hair follicles in your scalp could be clogged. Balsam fir oil helps to open the hair follicles through energizing stimulation, thus allowing your hair and your scalp's natural oils to do what they do best naturally.

The Benefits Of Norwegian Spruce Essential Oil

Norwegian spruce essential oil has been used for years for  revitalizing hair in people that have suffered illness, a testimony of its amazing rejuvenation effects for greater hair health. Norwegian spruce oil and other pine oils are blended to provide energizing effects for the scalp that promote healthier and faster growth.

Many natural wood oil conditioners also contain jojoba and coconut oils for enhancing conditioning benefits. In fact, jojoba oil is a common carrier for essential oils extracted from evergreen trees like cedar, Norwegian spruce and balsam fir. Jojoba and coconut oils are renowned for their conditioning and hydrating properties for skin and hair.

By avoiding shampoos and conditioners that contain man-made chemicals, you give your hair the chance it needs to be naturally healthy and beautiful on its own. Learning more about how your hair can benefit from wood conditioners and shampoos is a great way to have the hair you will be envied for.

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