Help Your Beard Grow Faster

If you have been trying to grow your beard longer and you are having a difficult time getting it to go past a certain point, then you may need to give it a little extra help. The information below will help you to get your beard over the hurdle so you can grow it to the length you desire.

Keep your skin clean

Wash your face a few times a day with warm water, a soft washcloth and a mild soap. The warm water and gentle scrubbing will help to stimulate hair growth and keeping your skin clean will help to provide a healthy hair-growth environment since you won't have your hair follicles clogged with oils from your skin.

Keep your stress levels under control

When you are under a lot of stress, it can prevent your body from acting the way it naturally should and this includes hair and nail growth. If you have some things going on in your life that are getting to you, try to make the necessary changes to cut out some of those stressful situations. Getting a good night's sleep and eating well-balanced meals will also help alleviate stress.

Massage your face

Massaging your skin will also help to promote hair growth. You can massage your face yourself, but it will feel even better if you are able to get your partner to gently massage it for you. Small, circular motions with fingertips is both relaxing and effective.

Take your vitamins

Taking a daily multi-vitamin will help to ensure your body is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy. When you have enough vitamins in your system, it can also help your hair come on faster and healthier, including your beard.

Comb your beard

Combing your beard a few times a day is another way for you to stimulate faster growth. Plus, combing it will also help to keep it from growing in going in an odd direction and train it to come in how you want it to.

Use beard growth products

You can also use a beard growth product to help achieve make your beard grow faster. You will put these products on your beard as close to your skin as you can so they can work at the root. They can come in the form of oils, shampoos and balms. Always make sure you follow the instructions to the letter in order to see the best results.

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