How To Present A Trip To The Beauty Shop For Your Wife's Mother's Day Gift

Whether you have children who are still living at home or whether you and your wife are empty nesters, the woman you married will be totally blown away when you celebrate Mother's Day in a big way. If you've decided to give her the gift of a trip to the beauty shop as her Mother's Day present, here are some ideas that might make the gift presentation fun and memorable.

Plan Ahead - A gift card to a beauty shop is a good way to cover the expenses of the services she'll receive. Call the salon ahead of time to find out how much it would cost to buy the services you want to give your wife. Be sure to include the tip. If a regular salon is too pricey for you, don't hesitate to contact a beauty school that will offer every service that a regular salon offers. At a beauty school, the individuals who will perform the services you have chosen will be well supervised.

A Gift Basket - A fun way to present your gift on Mother's Day is to include the gift card in a pretty basket with other small gifts. Do you remember the kind of perfume she wore when the two of you were dating? That would be a sweet and sentimental gift that she would love. Pay attention to colors she wears a lot and buy brand new nail polish to go with them. If she has been talking about getting a new style, get her a magazine with hair styles in it. Also, don't forget to add decadent chocolates to the gift basket.

A Movie - Another good idea would be to attach the gift card to a movie that features beauty shops. Three to consider are Steel Magnolias, Beauty Shop and Shampoo. Make the gift even better by promising to watch the movie with her, even if it is a chic flick. You'll definitely be her hero! 

No matter how you give your wife her gift card to the beauty shop, don't forget to add a love letter or a Mother's Day card. And, end the day in a big way. Your wife will love dressing up to show off her nails and her freshly done hair style. If your wallet is full, choose an evening at an elegant restaurant. If you've chosen the beauty school because you're on a budget, pack a food basket and have a romantic picnic at a beautiful park. 

For more information on attaining a gift card or purchasing beauty salon services, talk with a salon in your area, such as Salon Couture.

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