Could Becoming a Literal Nit-Picker Be a Viable Job Choice?

If your area has recently been hit with a strain of treatment-resistant lice, you may have already spent several long evenings painstakingly combing through your child's hair in search of live lice and nits. As a result of a reported increase in the number of lice infestations, many parts of the country are now seeing a surge in the number of head lice removal services – salons or home-based services where children and even adults can have their scalps treated to remove any trace of head lice. For many stay-at-home parents who have discovered they have a certain knack for nit-picking (or just find it relaxing), joining such a salon can be a welcome foray into a new career. Read on to learn more about these services to determine whether becoming a head lice removal specialist could be the right choice for you. 

What services do these salons offer? 

Many head lice removal services will offer a wide spectrum of treatments – from an initial pass with a fine-toothed comb to remove any live lice before applying treatment chemicals to a deep conditioning that can prevent lice from adhering to the hair shaft or scalp for several days. Because it can be difficult for a single person to spot and remove all lice on a child's head, most of these services will partner at least two technicians together so that they can ensure all live lice are removed. 

In other cases, these services may perform house calls – treating your child in the comfort of his or her own home and sometimes even disinfecting blankets, sheets, towels, and stuffed animals as well. House-call services are generally more expensive than salon-based ones, but they usually also provide a wider scope of services. 

How can you decide whether this would be the right job for you?

If your own children have shown violent resistance to being treated for lice, you'll need to keep this in mind when deciding whether to do this for a living – although you'll take multiple safety precautions to prevent transferring any nits or eggs you remove at work to your home, this is still a risk you may not want to take if you suspect treatment will be difficult or traumatic for your child.  

You'll also want to be realistic when making financial projections. Because these infestations can spread quickly, you may find that this is a feast-or-famine type of job. During certain times of year, you may have no work, while other times of the year (particularly just after summer or winter break) may present you with far more clients than you can handle. If you enjoy a flexible schedule and are able to budget well enough to avoid going into the red during your slow times, this may be a great new career option.

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