Parent Have Dementia And Problems Taking Care Of Their Hair? 2 Tips For Choosing A Hair Salon

If your parent has dementia and can no longer take care of their own hair they may fight you when you try to wash, comb, or style their hair. If this is true,  you should consider taking your parent to a hair salon. You do, however, have to ensure the hair salon is right for your parent. To help you, below are two tips you should look for in a hair salon in your area. Once you find the salon, contact them before you arrive to let them know about your parent's health.

Check the Entrance for Stairs

The hair salon should not have a lot of steps for your parent to have to climb to enter the salon. This is especially true if your parent is at the stage where they are having problems walking but still do not need a wheelchair.

Your parent may also be fearful of climbing stairs. If so, they may climb half way up and then stop and refuse to go any further. This will be very stressful for your parent as well as you. It also may take you a lot of time to get them to climb up or down.

Some dementia patients have a fear of falling also which will make your parent fearful of climbing a lot of stairs.

Check the Temperature of the Room and Water

Because your parent has dementia they may have a difficult time to tell you if anything is bothering them. For example, they may not be able to tell you if the water is too hot or too cold.

Your parent may be uncomfortable with the temperature inside the hair salon. It is common for older people to become colder quicker as they age.

Talk to the owner and ask them to use lukewarm water only but ensure the water is not too cold. If the temperature inside the salon is set very low, ask the owner if they can raise it up a few degrees before you arrive. Also bring along a sweater for your parent just in case they are still too cold. This is because sitting in a chair with wet hair can make them feel cold.

Do not expect your parent to stay at the salon for long periods of time. This is because they may become frustrated if it takes too long. Talk with the salon owner about this so they can ensure your parent will be taken care of quickly when they arrive.

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