Attain A Full Head Of Hair That You Can Be Confident About

If you are dealing with pattern baldness and are self-conscious as a result, you may have tried combing long strands of hair over parts of your head that contain sparse strands or you may have resorted to wearing a hat whenever you leave your home. These methods don't address the problem head on and are merely masking the fact that you are going bald. Today's hair replacement systems are designed to look and feel natural and can give you the full head of hair that you desire.

What Is A Hair Replacement System?

If you have heard about surgical restoration procedures, you know that they are not always effective and can be rather costly. A hair replacement system differs because it consists of artificial or real hair that is not your own. A system is designed to be worn for several weeks to a few months at a time. You can transform your appearance within minutes, from the privacy of your home or a salon.

Hair strands are sewn to or injected through a polyurethane or lace base material. Hair lengths vary and many men choose a hair system that will allow them to trim strands so that a specific hairstyle is attained. If you decide to purchase a system that contains hair strands that match your natural hair color, your barber or stylist can comb and cut the strands until you have achieved the look that you prefer.

A toupee is a common type of hair replacement system. It is designed to cover a specific portion of the head. This means that if you have natural hair growing around the base of your neck or around your ears, a toupee's hair strands will blend in with the surrounding hair, providing the illusion of healthy locks that are all-natural. 

What Is Needed During The Adhesion Process?

Before a toupee can be secured to your head, wash and dry your hair and use a pair of clippers or scissors to trim loose strands of hair that are next to the bald spots. Since it will be difficult for you to see the top of your head without the aid of a mirror, someone should assist you with the trim. Have your assistant use a lint-free cloth to dry the bald spots.

A liquid adhesive is a product that is necessary for the adhesion process. Squirt this product directly on the bald spots and use a thin brush to spread the adhesive evenly across your skin. Afterward, have your assistant hold the polyurethane or lace base over the areas that are missing hair and instruct them to press down firmly until the adhesive grips the bottom of the toupee. After the adhesive dries, you are all set to have your hair styled or trimmed. 

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