3 Balding Remedies And Treatments That Won't Break The Bank

When you look in the mirror, do you instantly cringe at the sight due to how little hair you have left? Balding can leave you feeling self-conscious and less confident in your appearance. You may presume there's not much you can do about it if you don't have thousands set aside for surgery, but in fact, there are a few more affordable hair loss treatments to explore. 


Finasteride is a treatment you can buy, without a prescription, at your local pharmacy. It is sold under a couple of different brand names and has been around long enough that there are even generic versions sold for less. The medication basically affects the way your body detects and utilizes testosterone. As such, it increases hair growth. It is not safe for women who could become pregnant, since it is known to cause birth defects, but it's generally safe for men and for women who are post-menopause. You take the medication orally, and within a few months, you should start to see more hair growth. Side effects can include erectile dysfunction and loss of libido, but these should go away once you stop using finasteride.


Minoxidil is another over-the-counter hair loss treatment that one is affordable and easy to find. It's not an oral solution like Finasteride. Instead, you rub it on your scalp twice a day to promote increased hair growth. Since it generally comes in a light, foamy form, it's not too noticeable once it dries. You do need to use it for about 4 months to see noticeable results, and then continue using it for several more months for good measure. Side effect may include itching and trouble sleeping, but these are generally pretty mild.

Testosterone Treatments

If you are a man, you and your doctor should evaluate whether you also have other symptoms of low testosterone levels. These include loss of muscle mass, weight loss, loss of libido, and depression. If you do have low testosterone levels, that's probably contributing to your hair loss, and testosterone supplements can help. Since low testosterone levels are a medical condition, health insurance generally covers the prescription for testosterone therapy (with a copay, of course) which means your hair loss treatment should be very affordable. 

If you are balding, don't assume that treatment is outside of your price range. There are several affordable hair treatments that can help you regrow your hair and embrace self-confidence again.

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