7 Top Haircut And Hairstyle Trends For Men In 2021

For most men, finding the perfect haircut is quite difficult. The truth is, depending on your hair type, face shape, and preferences, finding the right haircuts for men is a walk in the park. Finding the right salon is equally important. From fade haircuts to mohawk hairstyles, this brief rounded up some of the most popular haircut trends for 2021.

Fade With a Beard

This is undoubtedly the trendiest haircut you should rock this 2021. It comprises a textured top and a fade haircut. A rugged beard completes this fabulous look. The style is simple yet screams sophisticated in all manners.

Slick Pompadour

People with thinner tresses now need not worry, thanks to this amazing haircut. With just some pomade and volumizing mousse, your barber can work your hair into a modern fade. The result is well-molded hair that has been kept in place. The slick pompadour is a must-try in 2021.

French Crop

Timeless, neat, and masculine — these are but a few words that best describe the French crop. If you are a sucker for short hair but still want it to look stylish, this is the way to go. Styling experts recommend using styling products with a natural matt finish for this haircut.

Minimalist Quiff

Many celebrities have a quiff. Characterized with a shorter back and edges with more bulk at the front, a quiff is suitable for men of all ages. The sweep at the front could be minimal or extensive, depending on your taste preferences. You can wear the haircut sleek or give it a rugged texture.

Short Sides and Comb-Over

If you are going for a simple yet classy look, the short sides and comb-over haircut is an excellent place to begin. With this style, your barber will neatly buzz your hair on the sides, leaving longer hair at the top. Afterward, the longer length is swept back to give you that subtle suave look, leaving your hair looking all full and thick.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is for those who like to keep their hair short as well as create a "bad-boy" aura around them. Make sure to pair it up with edgy clothing and attitude to achieve the desired effect. Go ahead and throw on ripped jeans or a leather jacket.

Other hairstyle trends to look out for include dreadlocks, man buns, and man braids, among several others. As can be seen, your choices are unlimited when it comes to choosing haircuts for men. There is something for every hair type. The amazing part is that you can spend little money on your haircut.

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