Simple Tips For Better Beards

A healthy, shiny beard is a point of pride for many men. The first challenge is to grow a beard, but the second and even more difficult step is maintaining the quality of the hair. Understanding common problems and how to avoid them can make it easier to keep a beard healthy.

Common Beard Problems

Dry and flaky skin affects many people. Some men also experience repeated breakouts beneath and around their whiskers. Dry beards that become wiry and impossible to shape or control may also cause problems. Dry hair that splits or breaks may fail to grow to the length the wearer wants.

Simple Skin Strategies

A good skincare routine will benefit facial hair. Avoiding bar soap should help. A study of bar soap revealed that many brands contain pH levels too high for comfortable use on the skin. Substituting traditional shampoo can cause problems because of its high pH levels. Switch to a beard shampoo formulated for sensitive skin for the best results.

The use of custom beard oil can also help. Applying beard oil correctly, at skin level instead of only through the whiskers, will keep the skin soft and reduce itching beneath the whiskers. Combing a beard after an oil application at the skin level will distribute any product not absorbed into the skin through the whiskers.

Helpful Dietary Changes

Healthy skin and hair rely on a nutritious diet that includes plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids. Staying hydrated also helps to keep skin from becoming too dry and irritated. Hydration boosts the production of sebum, a natural oil. Sebum on the skin keeps moisture around the follicles and does the same for the whiskers when combed through.

Additional Beard Care

Hot showers and blow drying of the beard can also increase the risk of dry skin and damaged whiskers. Take cooler or shorter showers and only wash the beard with warm or cool water. Allow facial hair to dry naturally or gently pat the beard with a towel rather than scrubbing. Do not use a beard comb until the hair dries fully.

People with acne may feel they should avoid beard oil. An overproduction of natural oils can cause acne, but that does not mean the individual should avoid all oil-based products. Beard oils containing certain oils, like those derived from plants, can calm skin irritation, and help clear acne. The use of custom-made beard oils can benefit anyone with skin concerns.

It is possible to have a healthy, thick, and attractive beard with proper care. Applying beard oil to bare skin before growing out whiskers can create a healthy base. Consistent skin care and the best products will give everyone their best chance for an impressive beard.   

For more information about custom beard oils, contact a local company. 

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